Construction worker walks across rebar.

Construction progress update (photos!)

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East Link construction in south Bellevue recently passed the two-year mark. Since construction kicked off in June 2017, crews have made significant progress toward a 2023 opening of the Blue Line. People traveling through south Bellevue can now begin to visualize the final product.

Highlights of the first two years include:

  • The elevated bridge crossing I-90 is nearly complete
  • Placement of structural steel forming the station canopy
  • Installation of elevators and escalators has begun
  • A new 1,500 stall parking garage has topped out
  • A trench along Bellevue Way SE which will carry trains past Winters House and the Blueberry Farm has been excavated. 
  • On 112th Ave SE, a new road-over-rail train undercrossing has been constructed
  • Rail delivery has begun.

All this work is possible thanks to many staff and contractors, including trade and craft workers. Over one million labor hours and counting have gone into construction. To date, these crews have placed over 35,000 cubic yards of concrete, reinforced with more than 12 million pounds steel. Not seen, but supporting the structures, are 273 drilled shafts ranging measuring up to 10' in diameter and installed 90' deep.

Let's take a look at progress:

Crews expect to wrap up civil construction in south Bellevue in late 2020, at which time, they will pass the torch to another team tasked with building out systems that will support train operations.