Construction staging FAQ: South 38th Street and Pacific Avenue staging area 

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Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension construction staging map.

What is happening on the property located at 3801 Pacific Avenue (the southeast corner of South 38th Street and Pacific Avenue)?

Walsh Construction Co. II, LLC, Sound Transit's general construction contractor for the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension, is using the site. The contractor has sub-leased the property for two years from Thrifty Payless, Inc., a sub-organization of Rite Aid Corp, who has leased the site through 2038. The contractor will be using the property for equipment and storage of things such as the rail, construction trucks, utilities and concrete barriers, and to stockpile materials for hauling to work zones or off site.

What can the community expect to see happening on this site during this period? 

Daily activities include the delivery or haul out of materials totaling no more than 10 trips per day. Some day's trips will number between two to five. Typical hours are 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The type of trucking depends on the material. Long flatbed trucks will deliver long sewer pipes. Dump trucks will haul debris away from the site when a truck-sized load is ready. The contractor will not create a larger debris pile then a dump truck can haul away as they need the space. The contractor has received approval on the temporary erosion control plan, which is a state mandate.

Why is Walsh leasing the property instead of Sound Transit?

Sound Transit and the City of Tacoma were not directly involved in the lease of this site between two private entities – Walsh Construction Co. II, LLC and Rite Aid Corp. As is typical of a contract of this type, Sound Transit's construction contract with Walsh Construction Co. II, LLC states it is the responsibility of the contractor to locate a staging area.

Why didn't the contractor find a site closer to the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension project?

The contractor attempted to secure a staging area in the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension project corridor (Dome District, Stadium District and Hilltop); however, the properties investigated were either: not large enough for their needs; leasing costs were too high; had planned development projects that would become active on the site within the two year lease or required owner access for events. The contractor has secured two staging areas. One is located in Tacoma's Dome District and the other is on 3801 Pacific Avenue.

Was the Rite Aid site on Hilltop considered for this use instead of the site at South 38th and Pacific Ave? 

Walsh looked into leasing the former Hilltop Rite Aid property. Unfortunately, the leasee Thrifty Payless, Inc. a sub-organization of Rite Aid Corp was not interested in a two-year lease with the contractor.

What is the truck haul route for the contractor using this site?

The current haul route will require large trucks leaving the site to drive onto Pacific Avenue and turn east on South 38th Street from the property to SR-7 onto I-705 to Stadium Way. Trucks and deliveries will use the same routes. Deliveries will use the same route in reverse (currently working with the city to minimize the traffic on Pacific). Trucks will not traverse through the new improvements in the Lincoln District or along Pacific Avenue, except at the site entrance. The contractor is required to keep the streets cleaned and uses a wheel wash when vehicles exit the property.