Demobilization of drilling equipment in Northgate Interim Park and Ride Lot B

Publish Date

Thursday, July 20th through Friday, July 28th crews will demobilize cranes and other equipment used to drill the shafts for the columns that will support the elevated guideway on the Northgate Interim Park and Ride Lot B property, located at 9580 1st Ave. NE.

Map showing temporary commuter parking space changes during drilling equipment demobilization.

During the demobilization, some commuter parking spaces will be occupied by construction equipment. Additional spaces in the lot normally reserved for construction parking will be made available to replace the temporary loss of commuter stalls. These stalls will be located mostly on the southern portion of Interim Lot B. Signage will indicate which stalls are available for commuters.

This work is expected to take approximately one week and once it's complete, the commuter parking stalls will be returned.