Expanding the Operations and Maintenance Facility

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Sound Transit is expanding the existing Tacoma Link light rail line. The system expansion includes seven new stations, five new vehicles, and an expansion to the existing Operations and Maintenance facility (OMF) on East 25th Street.

Please watch this presentation to learn more about the proposed design of the Operations and Maintenance Facility. The short presentation reviews the design development of the Operations and Maintenance facility expansion. Email comments on the design to tacomalink@soundtransit.org no later than Feb. 27.

Noise and vibration measurements

Example of equipment: Force-Calibrated Impact Hammer

Throughout February 2017 Sound Transit will measure noise and vibration along the existing and future route for Tacoma Link. These measurements will help engineers better understand current noise levels and vibration propagation in the area. The measurements will take place in locations surrounding the alignment, both in public right of way and on private property.

What to expect:

  • Work will take place along the existing and future alignment.
  • Noise-testing equipment will be in place for up to 48 hours.
  • Vibration equipment setup and testing will occur for up to six hours and will use a generator for power.
  • Noise and vibration measurements will not impact traffic.