Extended work hours at Northgate Station

Publish Date

Starting as early as Monday, June 18th, Sound Transit’s contractor will be extending work hours at the Northgate Station site in order to decommission a dewatering well and remove structural support used during earlier construction of the new parking garage (see map). This work is expected to take about 3 weeks. 

Access to homes, businesses, Northgate Mall and Northgate Transit Center will be maintained. 

What to expect
Monday, June 18th – early July 

  • Work Activities: Decommissioning a dewatering well and removing structural support within future Sound Transit parking garage.
  • Work Hours: 24 hours a day.  
  • Traffic Impacts: None, all work to be done on-site.
  • Construction equipment: excavators, compaction rollers, hot saws, and light plants.

Northgate Link Extension garage map