Major Changes Coming to the Roosevelt Station Site

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As early as Tuesday, August 14, the sights and sounds in front of Dwell Condos along the east side of the building will be changing next week. Sound Transit contractor will erect steel to build the South head house of the Roosevelt station. Work will be performed within the permit hours. Temporary Noise Variances (TNV) will be applied for when work needs to start early, work a weekend or work late. Below are the changes that will take place to accommodate these activities:
Duration of work:

  • Tuesday, August 14 – Tuesday, September 11

What to expect:

  • Construction Activities: Steel erection can be loud when they are trying to drive bolts to make up bolted connections. This will not be sustained for the full shift, it’s periodic as pieces are brought together. This will be through the duration of the erection and when we lay metal decking for the roof.
  • A fire retardant curtain will be attached to the Headhouse Steel to protect eyes from welding flash burn and any small material from falling onto their property. This will be allowed to billow with the wind, but will be pinned at the key locations, such that it does not push into their building.
  • The contractor is following safety regulations for the entire erection. When welding operations are occurring, it’s always best practice to never look at or stare at the welding. Most welding operations will be from a safe distance, but if we get close to Dwell, we will make sure the crew establishes a blind to protect the residents and public if required by safety regulations.
  • The crew members have been asked to avoid looking in windows. 
  • The steel is going to block at least the views of the first and second floors along the east side of Dwell. 
  • There will be boom and scissor lifts working around the area. They do have back-up alarms. These will only be use during the permit hours or during TNV allowances.
  • Traffic impacts: Temporary closure of northbound lane along west side of 12th Avenue NE between NE 65th and NE 68th Street will remain closed.
  • Sidewalk Closure: The sidewalk on the west side of 12th Ave NE between NE 65th and NE 68th street will continue to be closed.
  • Construction equipment: Welding torches, crane, boom and scissor lift.
  • Work Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm unless a TNV has been granted.

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