Maple Leaf Portal construction begins

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Starting as soon at Oct. 1, 2013, crews working for Sound Transit will begin building the Northgate Link light rail extension's Maple Leaf Portal.

Once construction begins, residents, local employees and drivers through the area will notice a series of short-term and long-term changes along First Avenue NE between NE 90th Street and NE 100th Street.

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What's changing?

  • Construction crews will make First Avenue NE one lane of alternating traffic between just north of NE 95th Street and NE 92nd Street for approximately two weeks. Street parking will also be restricted as far north as NE 100 Street. In late October or early November crews plan to make First Avenue NE southbound only in this area. A bicycle detour will also be in place. This traffic change will last through January 2014. 
  • King County Metro will temporarily move the northbound bus stop at NE 95th Street. Watch for rider alerts at the stop for details.
  • Crews will remove trees and shrubs from the Maple Leaf Portal construction area between NE 100th Street and NE 92nd Street. Crews will also install erosion control measures and construction fencing around the site.

Work will include the daytime use of saws and jackhammers to get through concrete on First Avenue NE, chainsaws to remove trees, and drilling for to inject grout into the soil at the tunnel portal.

24-hour construction hotline at 1 (888) 298-2395.