Night work in 12th Ave NE in Roosevelt

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Starting Monday, Feb. 3, Sound Transit's contractor will begin installing a 42 inch diameter water main under 12th Ave NE, between NE 65th and NE 67th streets.

Because work will take up much of the street and to reduce the exposure of pedestrians to major construction, most of the work will be done at night. The contractor obtained a temporary nighttime construction variance from the City of Seattle to do this work.

  • Night work is planned Feb. 3 to March 31.
  • Work hours are 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., Monday through Friday
  • The noisiest work like concrete sawing will take place during the day. The pavement will be restored in April during daytime work hours.

How will this affect traffic?

  • From 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., one traffic lane will be open on 12th Ave NE.
  • Both traffic lanes will be open from 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

How will this affect my bus stop?

  • The northbound Metro bus stop (routes 66 and 67) located at the northeast corner of NE 65th St and 12th Ave NE will move temporarily to the south of NE 65th St. 

How will this affect sidewalks?

  • The sidewalk on the east side of 12th Ave NE will stay open. 

How will this affect bikes?

  • Bicycles will need to merge with traffic on 12th Ave NE during this work.

How will this affect parking?

  • Street parking will be closed day and night in the immediate vicinity of this work.

How will this affect street trees?

  • Street trees on the east side of 12th Ave NE from NE 66th St to NE 67th St will be removed. Trees of the same species and trunk size will be planted when the water main work is finished. 

How will this affect water service?

  • A few customers will experience short-term water shut-offs. Seattle Public Utilities will notify customers before shut-offs occur.

In late March, each end of the new pipe will be connected to existing pipe. Traffic at the intersection of NE 65th Street and 12th Ave NE will be affected during nighttime work hours. Uniformed police officers will direct traffic at night at the intersection for 1-2 weeks.

Please contact Sound Transit with questions about construction at 206-398-5300 or

Please contact Seattle Public Utilities with questions about water service at (206) 684-5800.

For issues that need immediate attention after normal business hours, call Sound Transit's 24-hour Construction Hotline at (888) 298-2395.

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