Project updates: East Link Extension, Bel-Red/130th Station area

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Olympic Pipeline Company advanced utility work wraps up

Last month the Olympic Pipeline Company’s (OPLC) contractor finished work on their pipeline relocation project near the intersection of NE Spring Blvd and 136th Pl NE. The OPLC work was one of a series of advanced utility relocations in the Bel-Red area as Sound Transit prepares for East Link light rail construction, scheduled to begin as early as the beginning of 2017 in Bel-Red. Thank you for your patience during the advanced utility relocation work this past year.

Later in 2016 other utility providers may perform relocations in the Bel-Red area, including work in the roadway along NE 20th St in preparation for East Link construction. Your service provider will notify you directly of work affecting your property.

Preparing for construction in Bel-Red

Working with property owners and businesses

In the next year before Bel-Red area construction begins, Sound Transit will continue to work with property owners and tenants to acquire land needed to build, operate and maintain East Link. Staff from Sound Transit’s Real Property group are already in contact with owners whose land is required for the project and will continue to provide relocation and reestablishment assistance for eligible businesses and entities already identified.

Business relations in Bel-Red

Sound Transit is committed to being a good neighbor during construction. In the Bel-Red area, preparing for construction over the course of the next year means sharing information about how businesses can prepare for construction, including contacts at existing community resources for businesses, best practices for planning business needs and being smart about assets during the bulk of heavy construction work, and keeping employees and customers informed of the latest Bel-Red area construction updates.

Meet the contractor opportunity early next year

In early 2017 Sound Transit will host an opportunity to meet the Bel-Red contractor and learn more about construction sequencing and phasing before it begins in this area. The format and date of this informational opportunity will be announced closer to the end of the year.

Stay informed

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For more information about East Link in the Bel-Red area, contact Sound Transit community outreach:

Abby Chazanow