Relocating transmission lines to Meridian Avenue North and North 115th Street

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Sound Transit is preparing to relocate electrical transmission poles so it can build the Link light rail elevated guideway for the Northgate and Lynnwood Link extensions.The new 115KV power transmission line will run along Meridian Avenue North and North 115th Street in North Seattle (see map). Installation of the poles is scheduled for 2015.Based on community feedback, Sound Transit will reduce the height of most of the poles along North 115th from 115 feet to 95 feet and will use composite wood materials ("glu-lam") that will blend in better than steel poles.

Sound Transit has published an addendum to the North Link Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (April 2006) under the State Environmental Policy Act, which provides additional information and environmental review regarding the relocation project. 

Sound Transit's Northgate and Lynnwood Link extensions are part of the regional mass transit system approved by voters in 2008.