Restoration work on 1st Avenue NE and NE 95th Street

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As early as Wednesday, May 7, Sound Transit’s contractor will install equipment along the Northgate Link tunnel alignment to monitor vertical movement of utility pipes (water and sewer lines) for the Northgate Link Extension. The monitors, called Utility Settlement Points, are glued to the top of a utility pipe inside a cast iron cover and inserted below the surface of the road and will be in place throughout construction of the Northgate Link Extension. This work will be done throughout the month of May and will take 1 to 3 days to complete at each location.

Work locations include:

  • Banner Way NE between NE 80th Street and NE 81st Street• Roosevelt Way NE between NE 71st Street and NE 72nd Street
  • 12th Ave NE between NE 65th Street and NE 67th Street• Brooklyn Ave NE between NE 52nd Street and NE 55th Street
  • 12th Ave NE between NE 52nd Street and NE 55th Street

What to expect:

  • Installation of the monitors requires drilling into the concrete, removing ground material with a vacuum truck and attaching the monitor to the utility.
  • Parking restrictions around each construction area.
  • The contractor will perform this work between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays. No high impact work will occur until after 8 a.m.  A vacuum truck makes a noise similar to a diesel engine running at high rpm’s.

For more information

Phone: Contact Rhonda Dixon at 206-398-5300
Construction Hotline: For issues that need immediate attention after normal business hours, call Sound Transit's 24-hour construction hotline: 1 (888) 298-2395