Sound Transit contractor completes mining last tunnel segment for Northgate Link Extension

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On Sept. 1, Sound Transit contractors completed mining the last tunnel segment for the Northgate Link Extension twin tunnels when the tunnel boring machine holed through the wall of a retrieval shaft at the University of Washington Station. Cross passage construction and other work inside the tunnels continues.

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Changes coming to Northgate Transit Center Park-and-Ride

Map of upcoming changes to the Northgate Transit Center Park-and-Ride.

Upcoming changes to the Northgate Transit Center Park-and-Ride.

As early as Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 a new interim park-and-ride lot (Lot B) will open across the street from the Northgate Transit Center at the southeast corner of NE 100th Street and First Avenue NE. The new interim lot is needed to replace stalls that will be unavailable after the Northgate light rail station construction begins later this fall.

Construction will occupy the west side of the Northgate Transit Center Park-and-Ride along First Avenue NE. The park-and-ride entrance on NE 100th Street will stay open at this time.

The capacity of the existing interim park-and-ride lot (Lot A) at the corner of NE 103rd Street and Fifth Ave NE will be reduced as Northgate Mall resumes exclusive use of some stalls.

As construction of the station progresses, we’ll keep you informed about additional changes to the park-and-ride.

Where can you find Sound Transit staff this month?

Sound Transit staff plans to be available for questions or comments at: