Tacoma Link nears final design

Publish Date

In April and May Sound Transit hosted platform location workshops to gather input from the public about platform locations for Stadium District, 6th/MLK Jr. Way and 11th/MLK Jr. Way stations.

All workshops included members of the project team meeting with the public to hear concerns and ideas and share design challenges.

Based on the safety and operations of the system as well as public input, City staff will recommend all platforms be located in the center of the roadway at their respective station locations.

Download and review a system map that includes all station locations.

Here is a cross section of a typical roadway along the alignment with a center platform.

Illustrated graphic of a cross section of a typical roadway along the alignment with a center platform.


On Aug. 8, 2015, Sound Transit and City staff presented the environmental documents to City Council requesting their recommendation to Sound Transit on the station locations and alignment. At that time, the preliminary designs included four stations with center platforms and three with side platforms along the alignment. The Council expressed a preference for center platforms at all locations, and as such asked Sound Transit to evaluate center platforms.

Between August and December 2015, the engineering progressed to 30 percent design. During this period, we began technical investigation of locating all seven platforms in the center of the roadway.

During outreach efforts in December, one of the key topics was center versus side platform locations. Because there was so much interest, we hosted platform workshops in April 2016, allowing us to bring the topic to the entire community, gather their input and make an informed decision.

Next Steps

In July 2016, the Sound Transit Board of Directors will award a final design contract for the Tacoma Link Expansion project.

A project update will be presented to the City Council at their noon Study Session on August 30.

Our next design milestone will occur in May 2017, when the project engineering design reaches 60 percent.

During this final design phase, Sound Transit will work with the community on what the stations will look like, station naming and art.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions.