Track Slab Delivery at U District Station site

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Track Slab Delivery at U District Station site
As early as the night of Monday, April 30 Sound Transit’s contractor will begin track slab deliveries for the Northgate Link tunnels at the U District Station site. The trucks will enter the south gate and exit through the north gate (see map). This work is scheduled to occur during the following timeframes:

  • Monday, April 30 – Sunday, September 30
  • Work Hours: 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Monday – Sunday. Contractor has obtained an extension to the Major Public Project Construction Noise Variance from the City of Seattle to do this work. 

What to Expect:

Traffic Impacts:

  • The South gate: Trucks will enter on Brooklyn Ave NE near NE 43rd Street. Once the trucks have been emptied they will leave the site through the north gate and proceed to NE 50th Street before entering the freeway (see map). Delivery trucks will be staged on site near the south gate.
  • Sidewalks: All sidewalks will remain open. 
  • Work Activities: Increased vehicle traffic (6 to 7 trucks) every night. Please expect additional nighttime noise.

U district station site