Tree planting along I-5 near NE 80th to NE 85th Streets

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Starting Sunday, January 26th, 2020, Sound Transit’s contractor will be mulching and planting trees on WSDOT right-of-way east of Interstate 5 as part of Sound Transit’s tree replacement program. 

Sound Transit works to minimize construction impacts on the environment by working closely with partner agencies on our tree replacement program.  To learn more about some of Sound Transit’s mitigation efforts, visit our website


Tree planting along eastside of I-5, WSDOT right-of-way resulting in lane and street closures.


Sunday, January 26th - Thursday, February 6th, 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. This is night-time work only.


Work zone is located on the WSDOT right-of-way planting strip near I-5 between the overpass NE 80th and NE 85th Streets (see map).

  • Right lane will be closed on I-5 northbound between NE 80th and NE 85th Streets.
  • I-5 northbound N 70th Street entrance will be closed.
  • I-5 northbound exit 172 to N 85th St / Aurora Ave N will be closed. Please reroute to exit 171 to Lake City Way or 173 to Northgate.
  • Left lane closure of Banner Way NE to NE 85th Street overpass above I-5 will be closed. 


For the safety of the public Sound Transit ask that drivers stay alert and keep traffic moving. Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic. 


  • A Temporary Noise Variance (TNV) has been issued for the overnight work.
  • Construction equipment includes blower trucks for mulch and delivery trucks for trees. All trees will be hand planted.
I-5 Tree Mitigation map 1


I-5 Tree Mitigation map 2