Tunnel boring machine retrieval preparation at University of Washington Station

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Mining of the final tunnel section that will serve southbound light rail trains is nearly complete. Earlier this month, Sound Transit's contractor began preparing the retrieval shaft at the University of Washington Station to receive the tunnel boring machine (TBM). The machine is expected to complete its journey later this summer.

Postponed: continued geotechnical investigation along 12th Avenue NE

Sound Transit's contractor will drill three additional probe holes on 12th Ave NE between NE Ravenna Blvd. and NE 61st Street. Sound Transit and the contractor are conducting additional investigations in these areas in order to verify post tunneling ground conditions. This work is expected to take approximately one week to complete. Notices will be sent as this work is rescheduled.

New art at Roosevelt Station site

Newly installed Cloud Architecture by Damien Gilley.

Newly installed "Cloud Architecture" by Damien Gilley.

Some great new temporary art is up for display at the Roosevelt station site. Damien Gilley's Cloud Architecture can now be found on the green construction wall at the intersection of 12th Avenue NE and NE 65th Street. Cloud Architecture joins Kelda Martensen's Beneath the Buoyed Moon, which was installed earlier this summer.  

Buildings on First Ave NE and NE 100th Street to be demolished

In August, crews will demolish part of the former strip mall at First Ave NE and NE 100th Street. This area will be used for temporary parking and staging during Northgate Station construction. The remaining building will be used as office space through construction.

Later this summer, crews will also remove the former Key Bank building on NE 45th Street at Roosevelt Way NE in the U District. Because the property was once a gas station, crews will have to remove some contaminated soil. Removal of this soil will require the contractor to install soil nails to support the excavation.

Electrical line relocation begins near the future Northgate Station

Before construction begins for the future Northgate Station and its elevated guideway, an electrical line running along First Avenue NE needs to be moved to the west side of I-5. Currently, crews are surveying the work areas and preparing to drill electrical pole foundations. Construction is expected to be complete by fall 2016.