Utility work to begin on 1st Ave NE near Maple Leaf Portal site

Publish Date

In the next several weeks, you will see utility work begin along 1st Ave NE near the future Maple Leaf Portal site. This work will begin as early as March 2013 and will be completed no later than July 2013.

Seattle City Light will relocate overhead power lines and poles from the west side of 1st Ave NE to the east side between NE 92nd and NE 97th streets. This work is necessary to maintain power to customers and meet standards for distances between power lines and the light rail portal. Comcast and CenturyLink will also relocate their services in this area.

Trains will run in underground tunnels from downtown Seattle to a site along Interstate 5 south of the Northgate Station near NE 94th St. Trains will come out of the tunnels to serve the elevated Northgate Station. The opening where the tunnels come out of the ground is called a portal.

For information about Seattle City Light utility work, contact Tyson Lin, Community Relations & Promotions, at 206-684-3026 or tyson.lin@seattle.gov. You can also visit the Seattle City Light construction website http://seattle.gov/light/aboutus/construction.