Filming and photography

Want to make us a star? Here’s where to start.

Sound Transit provides express bus, light rail and commuter rail service throughout Central Puget Sound. Since Sound Transit is an integral part of the region’s image, films, videos and print advertising often feature its vehicles and facilities.

Sound Transit permits filming and photo shoots at many Sound Transit facilities; however, please contact the agency's filming representative to discuss your particular needs, as restrictions may apply.

Update 5/20/2022: Due to staffing constraints, Sound Transit may not be able to permit all filming and photography requests. We will do our best to accommodate and will consider each request on a first-come, first-served basis.


Sound Transit must approve all requests for commercial filming or photography on Sound Transit property prior to shooting. Please request permits at least 20 business days prior to your intended date.

To begin your request, submit the scope of your project via the filming/photography request form. All details must be finalized in order to process your request and make sure we can accommodate the work in compliance with Sound Transit's regulations and safety requirements.

Sound Transit allows the use property for filming or photography only after receipt of a Certificate of Insurance or Hold Harmless Agreement, approved permit(s), payment and signed contract prior to filming. 

For questions or more information please complete the filming/photography request form. You can also email the Sound Transit Marketing team at