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Sounder fares - Rail Plus

Rail Plus Trains 510, 513, 516 and 517 are run by Amtrak Cascades and only serve Sounder stations at King Street, Edmonds and Everett. See Sounder schedule > 

Paying your Amtrak Rail Plus fares

Amtrak does not accept Sounder day passes or single-trip tickets. To ride Rail Plus trains, you must have an ORCA card loaded with a monthly pass, an ORCA Passport card or pay regular Amtrak fares. RailPlus tickets are only available on weekdays. 

Paying your Amtrak Rail Plus fares with an ORCA Pass or ORCA Passport Card:

Confirm your pass is equal to one-way fare for travel (i.e., your ORCA pass covers $4 fare from King Street Station to Edmonds or $5 fare to Everett).

Before getting on the train, you must get a Rail Plus validation ticket from the ticket vending machines (TVMs) at the train station (Sounder platform at King Street Station). RailPlus tickets are only available on weekdays. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select your destination: select the group of stations that includes your destination. then select the specific station.
  2. Select the Amtrak RailPlus button that appears in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Insert your ORCA pass or Passport card in the card reader.
  4. Pick up the Amtrak RailPlus ticket with a date, destination and ORCA card number from the tray below.
  5. To ride Amtrak RailPlus, show the conductors both the ORCA card and the validation ticket during fare inspection.

The TVMs will not print a Rail Plus validation ticket if you do not have the correct ORCA pass.

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