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Tacoma Dome Link Extension project phases

Graphic of tacoma dome link extension timeline phases.


Icon: White check mark on a gray circle background System Planning – COMPLETE

  • The goal of this phase was to answer two basic questions:
    • What areas will it serve?
    • What type of transportation technology best suits the need?
  • Representative projects were developed indicating transit mode, corridor, number of stations and general station locations.
  • On Nov. 8, 2016, voters approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3). Read the press release.
  • Find more information regarding system expansion

ICON: White star on green circle background. Alternatives development (2017 – 2019) CURRENT PHASE

  • During this phase, Sound Transit will evaluate alternatives starting with the ST3 representative project.
  • Sound Transit will hold public meetings in mid-2018 to collect input regarding the ST3 representative project and potential alternatives and will then analyze the benefits and impacts of the selected alternatives.
  • Sound Transit will conduct additional public meetings in mid-2019 to present the results of the analysis and again seek public input.
  • After reviewing the analysis and public input, the Sound Transit Board will identify a preferred alternative and other alternatives to examine more closely in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Icon: Three horizontal white dots on a gray circle background Environmental review and preliminary design (2019 – 2022)

  • During this phase, Sound Transit will prepare and publish a Draft EIS in mid-2020 and will then hold public hearings and take comments on the Draft EIS.
  • After reviewing public comments on the Draft EIS, Sound Transit will prepare and publish a Final EIS in mid-2021.
  • After publication of the Final EIS, the Sound Transit Board is expected to select the project alternative to build and the Federal Transit Administration will issue a Record of Decision.
  • In addition to completing the Draft and Final EIS, Sound Transit will conduct preliminary engineering for the preferred alternative and will evaluate project delivery options for construction.


Final Design (2022 – 2025)

  • Expected to being in 2022 and be completed in 2025


Construction and Testing (2025 – 2030)

  • Expected to begin in 2025 and be completed in 2030.