Rail Plus program

Amtrak’s train schedule offers flexibility

Animated GIF promoting Rail Plus program benefits.

Riding the train is awesome. You can sit back, read, check email or just watch the world go by. With Rail Plus, you have more opportunities to ride in the morning and afternoon. 

If you have an ORCA card with a monthly pass, you can ride four weekday Amtrak Cascades trains between Seattle, Edmonds and Everett, without paying extra. See the combined schedule here

How to get a Rail Plus ticket:

You can get a Rail Plus ticket from ticket vending machines located at King Street Station.

  1. Choose your destination as Everett, Edmonds or Seattle-King Street.
  2. Select "Amtrak Rail Plus."
  3. Drop your ORCA card into the card slot, and the machine will print a ticket.
  4. Show your ticket to Amtrak conductors when boarding and boom, you're on your way.


If you're trying Rail Plus, remember it's different from your regular Sounder commute. All passengers should arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, to ensure availability and receive seat assignments.

Amtrak trains operate with assigned seating. Space may be limited during summer months as Amtrak reservations increase, so space will not be guaranteed.

Using Rail Plus at Seattle-King Street Station

Amtrak trains board at tracks 5-9, which you can only get to from inside King Street Station. Once you get your Rail Plus ticket, walk to King Street Station, via either South Jackson Street or the Weller Street Bridge. Once boarding begins, Amtrak staff will assign you a seat. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.

Using Rail Plus at Edmonds and Everett stations

After getting a Rail Plus ticket, wait to board with other Amtrak customers. At Edmonds, board from the Amtrak station, next to the north end of the Sounder platform. At Everett, board from inside the station’s main building.


Amtrak trains operate with assigned seating, through Amtrak’s ticket reservation system. All passengers with Rail Plus tickets will receive assigned seats. For accessibility accommodations, please see an Amtrak ticket agent prior to obtaining a Rail Plus ticket. Ticket agents will assist with obtaining a ticket and accommodation requests. For more information on Amtrak Accessible Travel Services, visit https://www.amtrak.com/accessible-travel-services.