Safety and security
Learn more on how Sound Transit works to keep you safe and where to report issues when they arise.

Stay safe around tracks and trains

Ride Safe: Make the most important stop of your day.

Trains can’t stop, but you can.  Being safe around trains only takes a few seconds.  Here are a few actionable items to do so you can stay out of harm’s way around Link, Sounder and Tacoma Link trains.

1) Look both ways

Always expect a second train! Trains come from both directions, so always be alert to your surroundings.

2) Take crosswalks, not shortcuts

Trains will always have the right of way, so pay attention to traffic signals. Do not walk around or under rail crossing gates—they’re diverting you for a reason. You may think you’ll have enough time to get across the tracks, but don’t leave it to guesswork.

3) Headphones off, screens down

Being preoccupied near rail tracks never leads to a positive result. Put your phone away, so you can keep your mind present on where you are.  

4) Stay behind the yellow line

The yellow strip creates a boundary between the train and the station platform. Step back and look up, to make sure you’re at a safe distance from where the trains will be. Also, don’t run in this vicinity—you may think you’re fast, but trains are much faster.  

5) Bike smart, ride safe.

Watch Your Wheels Around Rails! Always remember to pay attention when cycling or scootering around train tracks. When riding across tracks, be sure you’re at a legal crossing, look both ways and cross the tracks carefully. Also, always cross tracks at a right angle (90 degrees) to avoid getting your tires stuck in the track.