Safety and security
Keeping everyone safe and secure is something we take very seriously. You can help by staying aware and by looking out for each other.

Stay safe around tracks and trains

Safety around tracks and trains is very important to all of us. Sound Transit is always available to provide safety presentations to your school, community center or youth program.

Help us keep our communities safe:

  • Invite staff to a safety meeting.
  • Arrange a presentation for your school or community center.


Stay safe around Link and Sounder trains

Look, listen and live

  • Be alert - it's difficult to judge train distance and speed.
  • Look both ways - trains can come from either direction.
  • Listen for train horns and bells.
  • Don't use cell phones and remove ear buds.

Tracks are for trains

  • Don't walk, bike, skateboard, jog or play around tracks.
  • Don't take shortcuts across the tracks.
  • Don't lean over railings. Trains can overhang tracks by three feet.
  • Don't walk near a parked train. It may move without warning.


  • Always wear a helmet when riding.
  • Be present of where you are and free of distractions, especially when near train tracks.
  • Cross at a 90-degree angle, to avoid getting your wheels stuck in the tracks
  • Don’t try to outrun a train because you can’t. Just wait.


  • Obey all signs and signals.
  • Don't wait on tracks if stuck in traffic.
  • Truck drivers - don't commit if you can't fit safely across the tracks.


  • Always use crosswalks and obey all traffic signs, signals and crossing gates.
  • Trains always have the right of way.
  • Never walk around or under rail crossing gates.

On the platform

  • Hold small children by the hand while on the platform.
  • Stay behind warning strips at the edge of station platforms.