Safety and security
Learn more on how Sound Transit works to keep you safe and where to report issues when they arise.

Stay safe while driving near trains

Stay alert around tracks and trains

  • Obey all traffic signals.
  • Never stop on tracks.
  • Trains can come on any track in either direction at any time.
  • Never drive around a downed crossing gate -- your life is worth the wait.

Link light rail

  • On MLK Blvd S., trains run in the median of the roadway, necessitating extra caution.
  • Left or U-turns are allowed only on green arrow at designated intersections.
  • When waiting for a green signal, always stop behind the crosswalk.
  • Look for approaching trains before turning.
  • Be sure you can completely clear the intersection before making a turn.

Sounder trains

  • Cross tracks only at designated crossings.
  • Passenger and freight trains pass by stations at high speeds.
  • Look all ways for approaching trains before crossing tracks.
  • Be sure you can completely cross the tracks before you proceed.

Stop on red

Always stop behind the crosswalk; look all ways for approaching trains before turning.

Obey all traffic signs and signals

You may save your life!

Recognizing these symbols will help you avoid an accident or injury.

Gated crossing

STOP when the lights begin flashing. A train is approaching. Remain stopped until the gates go up and the lights stop flashing. Proceed when it is safe. NEVER drive around crossing gate arms.

If your car stalls on the tracks

If your car stalls on the tracks and a train approaches, get everyone out of the car immediately. Move away from the tracks at a 45-degree angle in the direction of the oncoming train. If your vehicle is hit, debris will spread out from the tracks in the same direction the train is moving. When you are safely away from the tracks, call 911.