Wireless access

Learn about ST's mobile wireless coverage in underground Link light rail stations and Wi-Fi availability on Sounder trains.

Stay connected with our wireless service

Cell service available in tunnels and underground stations

Sound Transit is thrilled to provide the latest wireless technology to our Link light rail passengers to stay informed about train service and connect with family, friends and work.

Sound Transit has partnered with Mobilitie, the largest privately-held wireless infrastructure provider in the United States, to bring seamless mobile wireless coverage to commuters across the greater Puget Sound region traveling with Sound Transit.

Cell service is available in all underground stations and tunnels served by Link light rail.

Sound Transit is not responsible for service issues. If you have issues with your cell coverage, please contact your carrier.

Another way to connect with Sound Transit Security

The underground cell coverage also provides a reliable way to connect with Sound Transit Security.

Text or call 206-398-5268 if you ever feel unsafe on the train or at a station. The line is staffed 24/7.

As always, immediately call 911 in an emergency.

Free Wi-Fi on Sounder

Sounder Wi-Fi service is provided through cellular coverage, so expect some network loss in 'dead zones'.

Sounder's onboard mobile Wi-Fi has limited bandwidth that is shared among all the users on your train. Please be courteous to your fellow internet users by limiting your use of streaming audio and video.

NOTE: At any time, this free service may not be available despite the Wi-Fi icon on the Sound Transit vehicles.