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Kent Station

Affected trips to Auburn:
to Auburn scheduled at 2:06 PM from Redmond Technology Station Acs & 156th Ave NE - Bay 4 (SB)
to Auburn scheduled at 4:15 PM from Redmond Technology Station Acs & 156th Ave NE - Bay 4 (SB)
Due to safety concerns, bicycles are restricted on certain Sounder cars until further notice.

Only four bicycles are allowed per train car. Cyclists may only enter Sounder trains through doors with a bicycle symbol. Always follow any directions from the conductor.

Each Sounder train car has two tie-down spaces for cyclists to secure their bicycles. If the tie-down spaces are occupied, two additional cyclists may stand with their bikes. When standing with your bicycle, stand by the doors near the tie-down area. Restrain your bike with one hand and hold on to a secure pole with the other. Do not lean, or secure, your bicycle to other secured bicycles. Remember, you may need to move your bicycle, so other riders can move about the train.

Thank you.
Sumner station will undergo a power wash, replacement of benches, and painting of the handrails and structures. This project will take place from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily from Tuesday, August 15 through Thursday, November 2.

Pathways for passengers will not be affected; however, access to seating areas and ticket vending machines may be limited. During this time, at least one seating area will be made available to riders.

During this time, we're asking commuters for their patience as we renew the station.
Arrival times on this page are updated in real time.

Kent Station (Southbound)

Kent Station (Northbound)

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 1

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 2

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 3

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 5

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 8

Kent Sounder Station - Bay 9