Lynnwood City Center TOD

Map of the Transit Oriented Development area around Lynnwood City Center station

Sound Transit is expanding Link light rail service from Northgate into Snohomish County, including a new station in Lynnwood that we plan to open in 2024. Lynnwood City Center Station will be the last stop on the line until Everett Link opens (scheduled for 2037) and will connect South Snohomish County to the Link system.

We purchased 1.6 acres of property right next to the future station to support light rail construction. When the station is complete, the property will be available for transit-oriented development.

What have we done so far?

We engage with residents, businesses, government agencies and community organizations to understand what kind of TOD would be best suited for the community. In the spring of 2022 we concluded our first round of community engagement in Lynnwood and heard strong calls for affordable housing, community centered spaces like gathering areas and cultural resource centers, and outdoor space like paths, lawns and plazas for the community to enjoy. You can view the Community Engagement report here.

Upcoming milestones

Later this year, we plan to release a Request for Proposal to select a developer for the site.

If you’re interested in being alerted about the RFP when it comes out, you can sign up here for free. If you tag yourself with one or more of these codes (236116, 236220, 237210, 531110, 531120) you’ll be notified of upcoming TOD RFP opportunities.

This spring, we held open houses for developers to learn about the TOD opportunity. You can view a recording of the presentation below:

TOD Timeline

  • Study site conditions and development opportunities.

  • Determine community needs, priorities and vision for the station area and the TOD site.

  • Establish goals for the site, including amount of affordable housing and ability to discount the property price.

  • Organizations interested in developing the site submit proposals, from which a winning team’s proposal is chosen.

  • Developer builds the TOD.

Have more to say? We’re listening!

Email Rebecca Brunn at if:

  • You have more ideas about what should be built at Lynnwood City Center that you want us to hear 
  • You’re interested in responding to the Request For Proposal (RFP) Sound Transit plans to put out in 2023 and want to know more
  • You’re a community-based organization located in Snohomish County and want to get to know us 
  • You have questions about our program or process