Mount Baker

Partnering with the City of Seattle for a vibrant neighborhood

New affordable housing coming next door to Mount Baker Station

Thanks to everyone who participated in our February survey about goals and priorities and our June survey on site ideas! We will produce an engagement summary in the coming weeks to share with the public. You can view the February outreach survey summary on the Mount Baker Station Area Development website


Sound Transit is working with the City of Seattle to develop land adjacent to Mount Baker Station for new affordable housing options and other uses. This transformational opportunity fulfills a longstanding goal to create a more vibrant area around the Link light rail station.

Sound Transit owns approximately two acres of land near the former University of Washington laundry site just to the west of the station. We used this property for construction staging while building light rail and have more recently used it for vehicle storage.

The site’s location, behind the UW laundry and without direct access to the station, made it a tough site for redevelopment. But that changed last June when UW transferred three parcels of land next to the station, including the former Laundry site itself, to the City of Seattle. The City is planning to develop these parcels for affordable housing, childcare, and an early education research facility. There is also a potential for open space on the Sound Transit and City parcels. 

Map of the TOD area around Mount Baker Station

The City and Sound Transit are working in partnership with a consultant team and community stakeholders to develop preferred site features and recommendations on how the sites could look and feel. Visit the Seattle Office of Housing to view a presentation.

Learn more about Sound Transit’s Transit Oriented Development program.