Angle Lake Station TOD - South Site

Activating the Angle Lake station area with mixed-use development
Angle Lake Transit-oriented Development South Site map

Project facts

  • Location: Angle Lake Station, SeaTac, WA 

  • Site area: ±0.63 acres

  • Status: Negotiations

  • Development partner(s): South 200th Street Station, LLC

  • Program: 276 market-rate homes with ground-floor commercial space

About this project

Following the opening of the Angle Lake Link light rail station, Sound Transit made the 27,500–square foot property, previously used for construction staging, available for TOD.

South 200th Street Station LLC was selected to develop the site. They will incorporate Sound Transit’s property into the master planned development for the entire site. The developer will construct a mixed-use project providing a minimum of 230 housing units above ground-floor commercial space. Sound Transit’s agreement with the developer requires 20% of those units to be affordable to income-qualified residents.

Rendering of Angle Lake Transit-Oriented Development South site
Sound Transit's partnership with the developer will foster affordable housing near the Angle Lake Station.