Downtown Redmond Link Extension
Serving Marymoor Park and Redmond Town Center

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2016)

  • Milestone Target
    Alternatives development
    Board identifies preferred and other Draft EIS alternatives
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement
    Final Environmental Impact Statement
    Federal Record of Decision
    Alignment and station concept refinements
    Board selects project to be built
  • Milestone Target
    Preliminary engineering
    Board authorizes properties to be acquired for project
    Select design-build contractor
    Complete design and acquire permits 2019 - 2022
  • Milestone Target
    Survey, test shafts geotechnical investigations 2019
    Tree removal, guideway, station and garage construction, system installation 2020 - 2023
    Final restoration and landscaping, systems testing 2023
  • Open for service (2025)*

*April 2023 update: Work is ongoing to identify new opening timelines for four light rail projects in construction, including the Downtown Redmond Link Extension. This project is currently trending toward a spring 2025 opening timeframe.