Federal Way Link Extension
Building light rail further into south King County

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2016)

  • Milestone Target
    Early evaluation of possible routes, including public comment and early alternatives report 2012-2013
    Route alternatives narrowed and selected for Environmental Impact Statement 2013
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement published for public comment
    Sound Transit Board selects final route and stations 2017
    Finalize agreements with partner cities 2017
    Issue proposal requests for final Design-Build contract 2018

    Select contractor





  • Milestone Timeline
    Finalize station designs 2020
    Station naming 2020
    Close Star Lake Park and Ride March 2020
    Groundbreaking 2020
    Utility work/relocations 2020
    Demolition of structures 2020
    Clearing and grading 2020
    Heavy construction begins 2020
  • Open for service (2025/2026)*

*April 2023 update: Work is ongoing to identify new opening timelines for four light rail projects in construction, including the Federal Way Link Extension. The project’s design/build contractor is currently constructing a long-span bridge to address unstable soil conditions discovered along a portion of the alignment near a wetland area in Kent. We’re working with the contractor to estimate a new opening timeframe for the project, which is currently trending toward 2025/2026.