Procurement & Contracts (P&C) is Sound Transit's central function through which public solicitations are issued and procurement contracts are awarded for all of the agency's capital, operating and administrative requirements including architectural and engineering services, construction, maintenance, equipment, materials, technology and professional, technical and support services.

Doing business with Sound Transit

Because Sound Transit offers a range of contracting opportunities for suppliers, service providers and contractors, we publish many upcoming and current solicitations online at the Sound Transit vendor portal. Vendors and contractors registered with the Sound Transit vendor portal can receive automatic notifications about upcoming solicitations that match their selected commodity codes, and can download solicitation documents and associated addenda.

Register at:

Registered vendors and contractors can:

  • Receive email notices about Sound Transit solicitations, based on selected commodity codes
  • Download solicitation documents and receive guidance on how to submit proposals
  • Receive solicitation-related notifications (e.g. addenda/clarifications)
  • Submit questions related to open solicitations

If you need registration assistance or more information about the Biddingo Network platform, please contact Biddingo at 323-206-4114 (west coast) or 416-756-0955 (east coast) or via email at

Upcoming and active procurement opportunities

In order to provide our industry partners with information about Sound Transit’s future procurements, the agency issues a quarterly publication that highlights architectural, engineering and construction procurements upcoming over a period of 18-24 months. Sound Transit wants to ensure this information remains useful and accurate to our industry partners interested in pursuing work. However, the Sound Transit Board will soon kick off a process to realign the agency’s capital expansion plans with the reduced revenues expected during a recession. Until the Board decides how the capital expansion program will proceed, Sound Transit will not publish a new quarterly procurement look ahead.

Sound Transit will continue to publish our procurement snapshot (link below), which highlights upcoming advertisements and active procurements — every two weeks. Please be informed that all dates shown under the heading of Design & Construction should be considered tentative and remain extremely fluid due to the agency’s work related to realignment of it regional construction projects.  

We encourage you to visit The Platform blog on the Sound Transit website at for current information regarding COVID-19. You may also visit our Board of Directors website at for past Board meeting information or to live stream upcoming Board and Committee meetings.

Thank you for your continued support of Sound Transit and our capital expansion program. If you have any questions, please contact our Procurement and Contracts help desk at

Small Works Roster

Sound Transit (Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority) invites qualified and interested firms with experience in various construction trades to participate in its Small Works Roster (SWR). SWR firms may provide new construction, renovation, and refurbishment services for various Sound Transit locations on an “as-needed basis”.

The Small Works Roster will serve as a list of firms available to perform Sound Transit public works projects estimated to cost less than $350,000. To register for Sound Transit's Small Works Roster, visit and select Sound Transit (Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority) from the MRSC Public Agency list.

Find out about awarded contracts

This report (link below) provides visibility to contracts awarded within the previous 12 months.

Contracts Issued in Excess of $100,000 - Previous 12 months report


The protest procedures (link below) explains how actual or prospective proposers, bidders, offerors, suppliers, service providers, or contractors, who may be aggrieved in connection with a procurement solicitation, evaluation, source selection or contract award, can formally state and submit their dispute.

Sound Transit Procurement Protest Procedure

Unsolicited proposals

Unsolicited proposals can be a valuable means for Sound Transit to obtain innovative or unique supplies, methods, or approaches from outside sources to accomplish Sound Transit's mission. As a public entity, Sound Transit has an obligation to act as a good steward of public funds. This process is intended to facilitate, not impede, the proper receipt and evaluation of unsolicited proposals while preserving the integrity of the procurement process and conforming to applicable laws and regulations. Sound Transit is under no obligation to accept an unsolicited proposal, or to make a contract award arising from an unsolicited proposal.

Download a copy of our unsolicited proposals procedure

Conflict of interest

If you are interested in working with sound Transit and are concerned about a potential conflict of interest, use the information provided through the links below to understand Sound Transits policy involving conflict of interest and how to have your concern evaluated.

Policy 301 – Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Planning, Design, and Construction Management

Evaluation Procedure – Potential Conflicts of Interest

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