Lynnwood Link Extension

Connecting Snohomish County with light rail
Map of the area surrounding Lynnwood Link Extension

Lynnwood Link Extension project updates

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The Lynnwood Link project extends light rail from Northgate into Snohomish County, serving four stations, Shoreline South/148th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood City Center. Upon opening in 2024*, riders will enjoy fast, frequent and reliable service between south Snohomish County and the University of Washington, downtown Seattle, the Eastside, Sea-Tac Airport and more.


  • Open: 2024*
  • Length: 8.5 miles, 4 stations
  • Service: Every 4 - 6 minutes during peak hours.
  • Projected travel times:
    • Lynnwood to Westlake (downtown Seattle): 28 minutes
    • Shoreline South/148th to University of Washington: 11 minutes
    • Mountlake Terrace to Bellevue Downtown: 48 minutes
  • Projected ridership: 47,000 – 55,000 daily riders by 2026*

Lynnwood Transit Center Web Cam

Mountlake Terrace Transit Center Web Cam

*Aug. 18, 2022 update: Work is ongoing to identify new opening timelines for four light rail projects currently in construction. While the Lynnwood Link Extension was planned to open in mid-2024, construction challenges may delay completion by four to six months. An upcoming programmatic review will also assess shared resources and project sequencing. Expect further updates in Q4 2022.

*December 8, 2022: An update on Link projects in construction