NE 130th St Infill Station

Adding a station to the Lynnwood Link Extension
System Expansion web map for NE 130th St Infill Station

NE 130th St Infill Station project updates

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Voters in 2016 approved the addition of a light rail station to the Lynnwood Link Extension at NE 130th. The new station will serve a growing residential neighborhood between the Northgate and Shoreline South/145th Stations.

The Sound Transit Board authorized staff to complete preliminary engineering to determine whether it is possible to speed up final design and construction of the station to be sufficiently complete by 2024 when service begins on Lynnwood Link Extension. This would minimize or even avoid later service disruptions for riders traveling to and from the north. After pre-engineering is complete, the Board will decide whether to fast track some project construction or to continue on the 2016 voter-approved timeline for service in 2031.


Service: Every 4 - 6 minutes during peak hours.

Travel times: NE 130th to Westlake - 15 minutes