Operations and Maintenance Facility South
Maintaining the growing light rail fleet.

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2016)

  • Milestone Target
    Alternatives development 2018 - 2019
    Board identifies sites for further study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2019
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2019 - 2021
    Board identifies a preferred site alternative 2021
    Final Environmental Impact Statement 2024
    Board selects project to be built 2024
  • Milestone
    Final facility design
    Procure and commission facility and public art
    Obtain land use and construction permits
    Property acquisition/relocation
    Construction updates and mitigation
    Safety education
    Testing and pre-operations
  • Open for operations (2032*)

*Sound Transit is working toward an opening in 2032 but is also pursuing measures to advance the opening earlier (potentially 2030). If the Midway Landfill alternative is selected as the project to be built, the opening date would be between 2035 and 2037 depending on the subsurface construction design option. We will share an updated project schedule when we have more certainty.