ST Express bus service will significantly change in March 2019. Construction projects will close some transit facilities to buses, including the Montlake Freeway Station and the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel. Congestion is increasing, so maintaining current service levels requires additional resources. Many 2019 changes will increase our ability to operate service reliably amidst these challenges. The Sound Transit Board approved these changes on November 15, 2018.

Key Changes for March 2019

  • Rail only downtown tunnel
    • Route 550 moves to surface streets in downtown Seattle, north on 4th Ave., south on 2nd Ave.; longer travel times, maintains frequency.
    • Link light rail reliability improves.
  • Montlake Freeway Station closes
    • Route 542 service will expand to evenings and weekends.
    • Route 545 will bypass Montlake.
    • Route 555 will bypass Montlake.
  • Seaway Transit Center opens
    • Route 513 extends to Seaway Transit Center and will continue to serve Evergreen Way via a new stop at Casino Rd.
  • Improving efficiency
    • Route 580 select low-ridership trips cut and others run only between Puyallup Station and the South Hill Park and Ride.
    • Route 555 operates only between Northgate and Bellevue, no longer serving Eastgate or Issaquah.