Shoreline South/148th Station

Connecting to new SR 522/NE 145th BRT.

News and updates

Lane Restrictions on NE 145th St (WA-532) from 3rd Ave NE to 8th Ave NE

Starting Saturday, January 22nd, Sound Transit will be performing night lane restrictions on both Eastbound & Westbound directions of NE 145th St (WA-532) from 3rd Ave NE to 8th Ave NE. The work…

Full night time road closures at NE 175th Street

Starting Tuesday, January 18th, Sound Transit will be closing both directions of NE 175th Street from 5th Ave NE to the I-5 underpass, including the closure of both NE 175th Street to Northbound I-5…

5th Avenue reopening at NE 185th Street in Shoreline

The 5th Avenue NE realignment section from NE 183rd Court to NE 185th Street is open as of January 7th, 2022.

Extended full closure at NE 145th overcrossing and NB I-5 NE 145th Street exit 175

As early as January 10th, Sound Transit will be closing the off-ramp from NB I-5 via exit 175 for work zone for girder setting. Additionally, there will be a full closure at the NE 145th overcrossing…

1st Ave NE road closure between NE 103rd Street to Northgate Way for night work

As early as Wednesday, December 15th, Sound Transit’s contractor will close 1st Ave NE between NE 103rd Street to NE Northgate Way to continue construction for the Lynnwood Link Extension guideway.