Tacoma Dome Link Extension
Connecting Tacoma and Fife to regional light rail

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2016)

  • Milestone Target
    Alternatives development 2018 - 2019
    Board identifies preferred alternative 2019
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2019 - 2024
    Board confirms or modifies the Preferred Alternative 2024
    Final Environmental Impact Statement 2026
    Board selects project to be built 2026
    Federal Record of Decision 2026
  • Milestone
    Final route design
    Final station designs
    Procure and commission station and public art
    Obtain land use and construction permits
    Property acquisition/relocation
  • Milestone
    Construction updates and mitigation
    Safety education
    Testing and pre-operations
  • Start of service (2035)

The Tacoma Dome Link Extension (TDLE) project is currently in the environmental review phase of planning. As part of this phase, Sound Transit develops conceptual design and prepares an Environmental Impact Statement that evaluates the potential impacts of the project. Through this work, we found the need to consider more station options in Fife and an additional route and associated station options in the South Federal Way/Milton area. There are no other alternatives being proposed in Tacoma.

It will take additional time to bring the potential station options and additional route alternative up to the same level of evaluation as the existing alternatives. This delay would also impact the start of service for the Tacoma Dome Link, which we now anticipate opening in 2035.

The Board’s adopted plan also identifies 2038 as the timeframe we can afford to open the South Federal Way and Fife station parking facilities associated with TDLE. The ultimate timeline for parking facilities will come into greater focus as we advance the environmental review process and project design, including examining cost-saving options.