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Sound Transit is accountable to the public. Cost and project controls, outside audits and oversight, and clearly defined and updated milestones are evidence of our commitment to accountability.

External Oversight

The 15-member volunteer Citizen Oversight Panel oversees and monitors the implementation of Sound Transit's voter-approved regional transit plan and provides ongoing review and oversight.

An independent 15-member Diversity Oversight Committee was established by the Sound Transit Board in 2006 to ensure that the agency complies with its guiding principles for employment and contracting.

Oversight also includes the U.S. Department of Transportation, which monitors the progress of Sound Transit projects that receive federal grant funding.

Ongoing audits and reviews

Sound Transit is one of the most scrutinized public agencies in the state.

  • Sound Transit has a strong record of receiving clean financial audits from the state of Washington.
  • The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) conducts quarterly reviews of the agency.
  • We contract with a national accounting firm to conduct annual financial audits.
  • Peer reviews of project and financial controls are conducted on an ongoing basis.
  • Sound Transit conducts an ongoing Performance Audit program.
  • Regular independent audits conducted by Lloyd's Registry Quality Assurance ensure that the agency complies with the terms of its ISO 14001 certification, international recognition of how Sound Transit manages its environmental program.

Financial documents and audits online >

In January of each year, Sound Transit unveils major annual milestones. The milestones are a valuable tool for the public to track progress.

This year's agency milestones >

Project controls

The agency aggressively tracks costs, schedule and financial issues. Sound Transit's project controls management system gives the Board of Directors, the agency's management team and the public a strong tool for tracking Sound Transit projects and their costs and budgets -- as well as trends that could lead to future costs.

Measures of success

  • High-quality projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Services are well used with high customer satisfaction.
  • Checks and balances ensure accountability to the community.
  • Staff, consultants and contractors are accountable to the Sound Transit Board of Directors.
  • Projects are developed with the help of meaningful community involvement and participation.
  • Technical expertise is appropriate to implement the system.
  • A lean organization reflects the Sound Transit District's values and diversity.
  • Maximum local participation is sought in Sound Transit contracting, including Minority/Women/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms.
  • Projects include innovative design and operating features that benefit customers and attract new riders.
  • Partnerships leverage Sound Transit's investments and/or reduce project costs.