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Know before you go

Maybe you’re new to riding buses and trains, or maybe you’re new to the area. No worries – we’ll answer all your questions and get you where you need to go. Our buses and trains give you a fast and reliable way to travel.

Plan your trip

Looking for the best way to get from point A to point B? Our trip planner is just the ticket. It’s easy to use and will show you where to catch your ride and schedules for your trip.

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Pay your fare

There are plenty of ways to pay, so take your pick. The super easy, no stress way is with an ORCA card. Buy an ORCA card at a station ticket machine, online, or at a retail location.

Or, you can download the Transit GO Ticket app to your phone and buy a ticket for Sounder or Link. Sound Transit Express bus tickets are not available through the app. 

If you want a traditional ticket, buy one at ticket machines located at all Link light rail and Sounder train stations.  Paper tickets can't be used as transfers. Sound Transit Express buses only accept ORCA cards or cash." 

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Enjoy the ride

Getting there can be half the fun, as long as you follow a few common sense rules. No smoking, allow people with disabilities and senior citizens to use the priority seating which is designated on each bus and train. Check out rules for riding to see all the ways to make the ride more enjoyable for you and everyone else.

So many ways to travel, so little time

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going, we have plenty of options to reliably get you there.

Link light rail

Whether you’re coming from or going to the airport, Link light rail is best way to fly past traffic. Travel from the University of Washington, downtown Seattle, SeaTac Airport and Angle Lake, 20 hours a day. 

Sounder trains

Who doesn’t love trains? Well, now you’ll love them even more. During weekday rush hours, Sounder travels between Lakewood and Seattle as often as every 20 minutes and between Everett and Seattle every 30 minutes. Sounder also serves select weekend events such as Seahawks, Sounders and Mariners games.

ST Express buses

Go where you want to go with our ST Express buses with routes to Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties. With 28 routes between major cities and convenient transfers to train service and local buses with an ORCA card, you’ll fly past traffic with the greatest of ease.

We're here to help

Your safety and comfort are top priorities for us, so if you have any questions or concerns, contact customer service or security at any time.