Know before you go

Not sure how to use our services? Maybe you’re new to the area or visiting Seattle for the first time. No problem. Whether you’re taking Link light rail or riding the Sounder train, you’ll find everything you need right here - from planning your trip on our Trip Planner to How to ride and paying your fare. 

1 - Plan your trip

Find the best way to use transit to get from Point A to Point B, with stops and schedules, using our system map and trip planner.

Try to arrive a few minutes early to your stop or station.

Plan a trip

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2 - Pay your fare

If you ride buses or trains only occasionally, it may be easiest to pay cash for each ride. You can pay cash directly onboard ST Express buses, or buy a ticket for Sounder or Link trains at station ticket vending machines (TVM).

If you ride more frequently, it's easier to purchase an ORCA (One Regional Card for All) card. You can purchase ORCA at a ticket vending machine, online, or at a retail location.

When using ORCA on Link or Sounder, be sure to tap on the yellow ORCA card reader before you get on board. Tap off on a yellow card reader when you get off.

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3 - How to ride

Riding buses and trains is enjoyable when we all respect a few common courtesies, like no smoking or eating. Allow people with disabilities and senior citizens to use the priority seating. Keep your conversations on the quiet side, and use earphones when listening to music.

Have your fare ready - on the bus, you'll pay at the fare box in front; on the train, show your pass or ticket to the fare inspector on request.

When you ride transit, it's like a community - and everyone appreciates a good neighbor.

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Need help?

We hope we've answered your questions, but just in case you need more information, please call 888-889-6368, 800-201-4900 / TTY Relay 711 or email

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