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Guide to art: Sounder train


Artwork for the D-M improvement project in Tacoma will include both a large, gateway expression as well as discrete, pedestrian-scale works.

"A"-Street project

Lock-On Tacoma (or simply The Locks) an interactive community artwork created by artist Diane Hansen, is inspired by the European tradition of attaching padlocks to bridges to make a wish, mark an occassion or bond a love. We encourage you to decorate a lock and bring it to the "A"-Street underpass between 25th and 26th Streets in Tacoma to lock on a devotion or memory.

Watch the video.

South Tacoma - 66th Street project

The Manitou Trestle mural on South 66th Street was created by three collaborating artists: Claudia Riedener, Chris Jordan, and Kenji Stoll. South Tacoma's history, industry and personal experiences and layered with botanical representations of native flora, topography and quotes from the community. These layers create a dynamic and collective representation of the community's memories and tell a visual story of the South Tacoma neighborhood's past, present and future.

Learn more about the Manitou Trestle mural.