A green space in Bellevue's Spring District surrounded by buildings
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The Spring District is the epitome of a transit-oriented development (TOD) community.

Celebrating the Spring District: what to see and do at the new 2 Line station

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What was once 36 acres of industrial area in the Bel-Red corridor is now a walkable, vibrant urban neighborhood with a variety of housing options, office spaces, retail establishments and public amenities.

The Spring District a mixed-use development led by the real estate company Wright Runstad that has revitalized this area of Bellevue and created a community gathering space for those who live and work in The Spring District, and a must-stop destination for those who don’t. 

Transit-oriented development (TOD) supports vibrant neighborhoods with direct access to transit. Bringing affordable housing, retail, and community spaces near transit expands opportunities for all.

Learn more about Sound Transit's TOD program.

With the 2 Line opening up on April 27 with a dedicated stop at The Spring District, let’s take a closer look at this TOD success story, what makes it so special, and why you should check out this new neighborhood!

Take an art walk 

Empty outdoor seating next to an aquatic themed art installation

The Spring District is home to five public works of art meant to engage viewers and visitors as they experience the neighborhood. As you explore, you immerse yourself in inspiring installations and homages to nature through beautiful art.  

You can use their handy-dandy art walk map to find all five installations. 

Eat and shop 

An A-Board featuring the Bellevue Brewing Company noting they are open 11:30 A.M everyday.

Among other retailers, Bellevue Brewing Company opened up a new location in the Brewpub building of The Spring District. The Brewpub is an energetic gathering space with an expansive outdoor beer garden and first floor restaurant and brewery space.

This is a great spot to celebrate the end of a long work day, or to bring your laptop and get some creative juices and inspiration flowing for an afternoon project.

Bellevue Brewing Company is open at 11:30 a.m., seven days a week, and closes at 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Saturdays, 11 p.m. on Fridays and 9 p.m. on Sundays. 

Find your community 

Advertisement for Spring District's "Spring Fling" on March 28th.

The neighborhood has become a hub for events, markets and community celebrations. Live music, movie nights and a petting zoo are all coming to The Spring District this year!

Visit The Spring District’s website to learn more.

And even if there isn't an event happening, The Spring District has a game closet with Giant checkers, Giant Scrabble, Ping Pong and Bocce Ball to check out!

Get inspired 

The Spring District is also home to a new office for Meta, which is one of our 2 Line Opening Event partners.

Originally designed for REI, this space was designed to promote accessibility and openness with the surrounding environment. The campus is lined with pedestrian paths and outdoor spaces so that you can stroll and soak up the innovation bouncing around The Spring District. 

View sustainability in action

A sign signifying where one can find public park access in The Spring District

The Spring District achieved recognition from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as it was granted the 'LEED for Neighborhood Development' (LEED-ND) certification for its mixed-use development.

The LEED-ND designation goes beyond individual building assessments, focusing on the holistic development of communities. It comprises a set of performance standards designed to encourage and contribute to the creation of sustainable, interconnected neighborhoods, aligning with the USGBC's commitment to fostering environmentally conscious and socially vibrant urban spaces. You can see this above and beyond approach in action with their walkable streets and pedestrian friendly design.

In addition to this LEED-ND certification, all future projects at The Spring District will be designed with a sustainability objective. 

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