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Connect to these remote work spaces along the 1 Line

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Remote work might not be for everybody but for some, it’s like a breath of fresh air – literally! No longer are we tethered to our office cubicles, standing or sitting in one place for hours upon end. 

Thanks to our thriving tech scene and vibrant cultural atmosphere, Seattle has become a hub for remote workers and freelancers looking for unique places to set up shop. 

Here are seven fantastic locations that offer a great remote working experience and are conveniently close to Sound Transit light rail stations:

Elliott Bay Book Company  

Distance to Light Rail: Approximately 0.4 miles from the Capitol Hill Station  
Cost: Free (but please support the bookstore!) 

If you're a book lover, Elliott Bay Book Company is a dream come true for remote work. Nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill, this iconic independent bookstore provides a tranquil and inspirational setting. You can find comfortable seating among the shelves of books, one of the tables or in their cafe, creating an environment that fosters creativity and focus. You can work here for hours without any pressure to buy; however, it's always appreciated if you support this beloved local business.

Seattle Central Library  

Distance to Light Rail: Virtually on top of the University Street Station  
Cost: Free 

Seattle Central Library, designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, is an architectural marvel and an outstanding remote work destination. Located right above the University Street Station, it's easily accessible. The library offers free Wi-Fi, numerous workspaces, and fantastic views of the city. Plus, it's open to the public at no cost. Whether you prefer a quiet corner or the buzzing atmosphere of the reading room, this library has something for everyone.

A street view of the Seattle Library's futuristic architecture

Kraken Community Iceplex

Distance to Light Rail: 0.1 miles from Northgate Station
Cost: Free 

For those who seek a unique space with character and activity, The Kraken Community Iceplex is a gem. Located steps away from the Northgate Station, this is not your average remote work location. You can "chill" out in the mezzanine, crack open your laptop and get your work done while watching skaters of all levels breeze around the rink. And if you are hitting a wall (or just want to procrastinate) - you can rent some skates yourself if you are working during their public skate hours!

Hing Hay Co-Works  

Distance to Light Rail: About 0.3 miles from the International District/Chinatown Station  
Cost: Varies (check their website for pricing) 

Hing Hay Co-Works offers a blend of coworking and community in the heart of the International District/Chinatown. Situated close to the light rail station, it provides a vibrant and culturally rich workspace. The space caters to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small teams. Costs depend on your needs, so consult their website for membership options and pricing.

The Riveter  

Distance to Light Rail: Approximately 0.2 miles from the Capitol Hill Station  
Cost: Varies (visit their website for pricing) 

The Riveter is more than just a co-working space; it's a community of women and allies dedicated to empowering and supporting each other. Located near the Capitol Hill Station, it offers flexible memberships with options for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all kinds. With its stylish design and welcoming atmosphere, The Riveter is a fantastic place for remote work, but pricing varies, so be sure to check their website for details.

Ada’s Technical Books

Distance to Light Rail: Approximately 0.7 miles from the Capitol Hill Station  
Cost: Varies (check their website for pricing) 

Ada’s Technical Books combines the love of literature with a passion for technology. Located in Capitol Hill, this unique space offers a blend of science, technology, and co-working. You can find a cozy corner among the shelves of technical books and engage in focused remote work. Membership options and pricing vary, so explore their website for details.

Cloudroom Co-Working Space  

Distance to Light Rail: Approximately 0.2 miles from the Capitol Hill Station  
Cost: Varies (check their website for pricing) 

Cloudroom Co-Working Space is a dynamic workspace located conveniently near the Capitol Hill Station. It's a haven for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers looking for a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere. This co-working space values creativity, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, hosting various events, workshops, and networking opportunities and offering high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic seating, meeting rooms, and a kitchenette for your caffeine fix. Their pricing structure varies, so be sure to visit their website for membership options and current rates.

Whether you decide to embark on a revolving tour or are looking for your next home away from home base, one of these options is sure to fit your needs. 

The best part? When 5 o' clock hits and your work is done, you will be at the heart of some great bars, restaurants, music venues, and more to celebrate the joys and freedom that working remotely brings.  

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