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Sounder train ready to depart King Street Station
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Spotted: a paperback book in the wild during a wintery light rail ride.

2019 Year in Review: transit service through the seasons

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As 2019 draws to a close, we at The Platform want to thank our readers for following along as we celebrated many milestones - including Link's 10th birthday

Just like last year, we asked our talented photographer, Glenn Landberg, to pick his favorite photographs and write about them.

This year, we're splitting it into two parts. Today's story highlights our riders and service on Sounder commuter rail, Link light rail and ST Express buses.

We'll also recap our construction progress, as we show you the people and projects that will make it easier to get to where you work, live and play.

Explore our 2019 gallery here and download your favorite shots to use as your computer or phone background.

A shot of the Sounder platform, with King Street Station in the background.
We love this shot of Sounder passengers deboarding the train at King Street Station in January.
Looking into the entrance of Capitol Hill Station at a mural of two hands, pinkies linked, on the wall above ticket machines and signs.
Linking riders to where they need to go at Capitol Hill Station.
Link light rail runs along snow-covered tracks.
Remember the February Snowpocalypse?
People take photos of the last 550 bus in the downtown Seattle tunnel.
The last 550 to ever travel through the downtown tunnel last March.
An ST Express Bus at the Lynnwood Transit Center in April, with cherry blossoms framing the top half of the photo.
Cherry blossoms perfectly frame a double tall bus in Lynnwood in the spring.
When the newest light rail vehicle arrived, media and ST employees got a tour.
One of the highlights of this year was getting a look at the new Type 2 light rail vehicles. The first cars will be finished with testing and in service in 2020.
Three people smile from a float in Seattle's Pride Parade on a sunny day.
It was great to see everyone at the Pride Parade.
Cars and an ST Express Bus drive on I-5 South, with part of the Seattle skyline in the background.
No better view of Seattle's changing skyline than from ST Express double decker.
Tacoma Link runs on a sunny day in July.
Tacoma Link on a beautiful summer day.
An aerial shot of the Seattle Monorail, as seen from the Space Needle.
Seattle Monorail joining the ORCA family in the fall means easier transit connections for all!
Puyallup Sounder station with passengers connecting to the ST Express 580.
Sounder to bus connections in Puyallup.
Sounder south passes fall colors near South Boeing Access Road.
This is my desktop background. Gotta love those fall colors.
Link in the Rainer Valley, just north of Columbia City Station, in the rain.
Link, in Rainier Valley, in the rain.
A view of the tactile paving at the King Street Station Sounder platform.
We know that people rely on transit, so accessibility is a priority.
Two riders smile onboard Link light rail.
Staying warm and dry on Link during Seattle winter.

We hope this look back conjures good memories of 2019 and builds excitement about where we're headed in the new year.

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We'll see you back on The Platform in 2020!

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