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A light rail train runs on an elevated guideway next to an apartment building.
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Transit-oriented development, like the Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts near Mount Baker Station, provides affordable housing options connecting communities to jobs, services.

Amazon provides $100 million to build affordable housing near Sound Transit light rail stations

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Amazon and Sound Transit today announced a partnership to speed the creation of up to 1,200 new affordable apartments near light rail stations across the Puget Sound region.

Amazon is committing $100 million in below-market funding to developers to help create and expedite the development of Sound Transit property offered for affordable housing.

The partnership will help ensure that moderate- to low-income families can afford to live in great neighborhoods with easy access to reliable transit, jobs, schools, health care, education and other amenities.

This is the second investment in the region from Amazon’s Housing Equity Fund—a more than $2 billion commitment to preserve and create over 20,000 affordable homes through below-market loans and grants.

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Two people stand in front of Roosevelt Station, which is still under construction.
Alice Schobe, Global Director, Amazon in the Community, and Peter Rogoff, Sound Transit CEO, smile in front of the soon-to-open Roosevelt Station and the transit-oriented development next door called Cedar Crossing, which will provide approximately 254 affordable housing units.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) promotes diverse, connected and sustainable communities.

Sound Transit’s TOD program has built, is constructing, or is designing more than 1,500 affordable apartments on Sound Transit surplus property.

Learn more about TOD at Sound Transit here.

The Amazon funds could support upcoming projects in Bellevue, Kent, Lynnwood, SeaTac, Seattle and other locations as the system expands to the north, east and southern areas of Puget Sound.

The first $25 million will fund pre-development activities like site due diligence, engineering and permitting, while the remaining $75 million will support the construction of new affordable housing, which is expected to begin within five years.

Our TOD program “relies extensively on partnerships with developers, cities, and affordable housing funders to achieve these complex projects,” said Thatcher Imboden, Sound Transit’s director for land use planning and development. “There are not enough resources to meet the affordable housing needs in this region and this partnership with Amazon will help build more affordable housing units sooner.”

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