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A rendering of a Stride bus at a stop.

A big Stride forward for bus rapid transit on the Eastside

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Big news: we're starting construction on a new bus rapid transit network!

But what is bus rapid transit? (Otherwise known as BRT - yes, we love our acronyms.)

Simply put, BRT is a high-quality bus-based transit system that promises to be fast and efficient. Another way to think about it is a train on wheels or a bus that thinks it’s light rail. 

The really exciting part of Sound Transit’s BRT, which, by the way, we’ve named Stride, is that it will offer a faster, more reliable way for thousands of riders to travel the east, north, and south sides of Lake Washington

A map shows the S1 line from Burien to Bellevue, S2 line from Bellevue to Lynnwood and S3 line from Shoreline to Bothell.

Here’s why it’ll be faster

Stride will have dedicated lanes, busways, and traffic signal priority.

It’s like the fast pass at Disneyland. Imagine flying by all those cars stuck in traffic and answering emails, getting lost in a book, or binge-watching your favorite show on your mobile device.

Some of the other ways that will make commuting a breeze will be off-board ORCA fare payment, so you’ll have ways to pay before you board—and elevated platforms. No more walking up steps.

That may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big step forward in efficient boarding. Pun intended!

But wait, there’s more! Stride will feature multiple-door entry and exit; all new bus lanes are dedicated to Stride and will run as often as every 10 minutes, 17-hours-a-day, 7 days a week. 

If you build it, they will ride

We are excited about building out this system, but before we get there, we ask for your patience because we know how tricky (Bothersome? Frustrating? Unfamiliar?) it can be.

We totally get it. Just know that it’ll be all worth it and then some once we reach the finish line. Our team of experts are working tirelessly with all our partners to build the best system possible, with as few inconveniences as possible.  


Today, in partnership with Washington State Department of Transportation, we are breaking ground on our first Stride project at I-405 and 85th Street in Kirkland.

Rendering of the NE 85th Street/I-405 interchange shows a complex, three-level interchange that prioritizes private car movements. (WSDOT)

Stride construction will be underway starting this fall. 

If you want to learn more or keep up with the latest progress, visit our website.

Stay tuned for future posts about Stride battery-electric buses, trail connections, art, and how the system is built to connect the region. 

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