Stride bus rapid transit

Creating fast, frequent and reliable transit connections north, east and south of Lake Washington
Project map for Stride BRT program

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Sound Transit's Stride bus rapid transit will be a fast, frequent and reliable bus service, connecting to light rail and to communities north, east and south of Lake Washington. Like light rail service, Stride is designed for convenient, fast travel, with off-board fare payment and multiple door entry and exit. New bus lanes and transit priority improvements will help riders avoid traffic.

The S1, S2 and S3 Lines form the Stride program. These lines will replace existing ST Express regional bus service currently run by transit partners. The S1 Line: 1-405 South will replace Route 560, the S2 Line: I-405 North will replace Route 535, and the S3 Line will replace Route 522. Stride buses will connect to Link light rail, providing new ways to get to your destination.

The Stride bus fleet will include Sound Transit's first battery electric buses, for a cleaner, more sustainable way to travel in the region. There will be a fleet of double decker buses on S1 and S2, and 60-foot articulated buses on S3. Coaches will be in operation most of the day, charging each time they layover at route termini.

The Stride program also includes a new bus maintenance base in Bothell to ensure a safe, clean and comfortable ride for Sound Transit.