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Trains connecting at Pioneer Square.
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Riders transfer between trains at Pioneer Square Station.

Connect 2020 Link schedules adjusting to every 13-15 minutes

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To all of you who ride Link, we have been encouraged by your resilience since Connect 2020 began on Monday. The transfer at Pioneer Square Station is getting better each day, and you are managing the extra crowding well. We thank you for your patience.

Three days into Connect 2020, trains have been arriving approximately every 14 minutes – slightly longer than our 12-minute target.  Trips are taking approximately one minute longer than we estimated in each direction between Pioneer Square and SODO, as trains wait to access the area where trains share a single track. Since trains have to meet at Pioneer Square, a slower trip anywhere on the line means that all trips have to slow accordingly.

We are recognizing that those 14-minute wait times are likely to continue, and beginning today we are adjusting our operations to reflect that.  Trains may run a bit faster at night or on weekends, and a bit slower during rush hours. You can expect some variation, with trains every 13-15 minutes.

One important note: this means that transit apps showing 12-minute service, such as our trip planner, OneBusAway and Google Maps will be inaccurate until Connect 2020 is complete.

Connect 2020 is a complex effort that involves carefully and precisely coordinating train movements throughout our light rail network. We will continue timing trains so that they meet at Pioneer Square simultaneously – ensuring a safe transfer between trains. Our number one goal is maintaining your safety.

Nothing is changing in terms of what you have already been experiencing these first few days, but we wanted you to know about the longer running times we are experiencing so you can more confidently plan your day.

We thank you for riding and we thank you for your patience. We are excited for March, when this necessary service disruption will be over and we can return to normal service.   

The work we are doing will allow us to open 14 miles of new light rail in 2023, with 10 new stations in Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond. Stay tuned for construction photos over the next couple days so that we can keep you up to date on our progress.

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