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A picture of a phone with an image on it that says "Station Exploration" with a train coming out of it.
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Grab your friends, phone and mask and explore the new stations!

Explore new stations and win prizes with scavenger hunt

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Opening month for the new Northgate, Roosevelt and U District Stations is drawing to a close.

We're still riding the wave of excitement from Oct. 2, but we're also happy to see these places become part of your daily travels. 

Before the special station installations are taken down next week, we want to give our passengers one more chance to check them out - and win prizes for visiting! 

Grab some friends and join our Station Exploration scavenger hunt by snapping photos of some of the station installations at the three new stations.

The last day to submit your photos will be Sunday, Oct. 31. 

Basically, take a pic of the installations we've called out and upload it via the Station Exploration survey site

Here's how it works:

  • We have four clues per station at the Station Exploration survey site.
  • Snap a photo of the clue or what the clue describes.
  • Upload the photos in real time through the survey, or upload them later.
  • Complete three out of the four clues at each station to win a Northgate-themed prize.

Here's a link to a PDF with more details about the contest

We're also restocking the popular commemorative posters at the stations starting Friday (10/29) morning. So grab one of the limited run while they're available!

A sign on the platform at U District Station describes the art piece "Fragment Brooklyn."
This is one of the stories you need to find as part of our scavenger hunt (hint: it's at U District Station).

And if you can't make it to the stations this month, we've got good news: this opening is the first of many over the next few years that will bring our region closer together. 

Don't forget: if you're riding the train or exploring the new stations, masks are required.  

Northgate event sponsor logos are in white space above a photo of U District Station on opening day.
Thanks again to our sponsors who made the opening events possible.

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