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Looking at the Judkins Park Station from the east, with I-90 visible on the right.
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Fly past traffic with 20 minute trips from Chinatown/International District to Bellevue.

Fresh pics: Art, community connections and more at Judkins Park Station

Check out the latest pics from the newest station in Seattle's Central District

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If you've traveled on I-90 in Seattle recently, you've seen the amazing progress made at Judkins Park Station. 

The station is one of 10 under construction as part of the 14-mile East Link Extension, which will bring light rail to the Eastside connecting Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond! 

The entrance of Judkins Park Station, with a mural featuring Jimi Hendrix.
As the only station in Seattle on this new line, Judkins Park features public art honoring the life and legacy of one of the city’s native sons: Jimi Hendrix.

We hit a milestone on the project recently with live wire testing of trains through Bellevue, and we know what you're going to ask: when will we run trains over the floating bridge?!

We'll keep you posted on that and other schedule updates, but in the meantime, enjoy some fresh pics of the extension.

Judkins Park Station is located in Seattle's Central District, next to Jimi Hendrix Park and the Northwest African American Museum, as well as the I-90 trail. 

The other entrance of Judkins Park Station, with a mural featuring a young Jimi Hendrix.
We recently got a behind-the-scenes tour of the station, featuring new art installations, landscaping and more.

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Text inscribed into a wall reads 'Judkins Park Station.'
Just a thing of beauty.
A landscaped path leads to the Judkins Park Station platform.
Can't wait to catch a ride on the 2 Line.
A King County Metro bus passes by the future Judkins Park Station.
Coming soon: new connections for people who bus, walk or roll to the station.
Looking into the I_90 tunnel, where rail and OCS equipment is being installed.
It's getting real inside the Mt. Baker tunnels!

While the concrete delivery strike, as well as other challenges have caused a cumulative impact on the project schedule, we are currently doing a thorough risk assessment to provide an updated opening schedule later this summer. No new dates have been announced, however we do expect the project to face some delays beyond its original mid-2023 opening date.

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