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Two people in construction vests and hard hats look up at a bridge under construction.
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Fresh pics: Light rail crossing I-5

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Construction of the Lynnwood Link Extension is underway. This is a major milestone to bringing light rail to Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood in just a few years!

One of the coolest parts of the project is the bridge crossing I-5 just north of the future Mountlake Terrace Station.

A section of the bridge was pre-cast in Tacoma, while the other sections were poured into place due to its curved shape. 

This bridge will carry light rail trains and what we estimate will be 47,000–55,000 daily riders by 2026. 

Follow along on our tour of the bridge deck and inside the structure:

Looking north over I-5 at the bridge and surrounding falsework.
During construction, over 2 million pounds of falsework beams were used to support the bridge.
A construction worker climbs down a ladder into the bridge.
Climbing into the bridge.
Looking inside at the concrete inside of the light rail bridge.
Now that's a lot of concrete!
Cars travel underneath the future light rail bridge.
Get ready to fly over traffic in 2024.

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